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Barnfox Coworking Space
Kingston, New York


We collaborated with Barnfox to create photo-realistic renderings of their latest coworking space for marketing purposes and to visually aid their contractors. 
They provided sketches of their proposed layout and photos of their choices of furniture,

lighting fixtures and material selections and we

recreated them in the 3D rendered images.

The Nelson’s Project
20131 Grove Street

Elegant Media Office Floor
Sydney, Australia

We worked with Elegant Media on an office remodeling project to create a new functional layout

to accommodate a certain number of workstations. Once we finalized the design layout, we created the photo-realistic renderings

of what their office floor was going to look like.


Home Remodeling
Solstrand, Denmark

NEX_Photo - 1.jpg

We worked with a new home owner in Denmark who had some design ideas for his house. We created 3D renderings for him to visualize his home with a new roof color, dormers, exterior paint and window trims. 

Residential Kitchen

Los Angeles, California

Our client wanted to remodel her kitchen and required additional storage cabinets. She also needed help with visualizing multiple color selection ideas that she had. We translated her sketches into a workable 3D model and provided photo-realistic renderings so that she could properly visualize her design ideas for her kitchen space.


Home Remodeling
Charlotte, North Carloina


We worked with a client who had an already existing home built in the 1980's and needed help with revamping the exterior to give it a more modern look. We created photo-realistic images of his home with door and window upgrades, new exterior colors and material selections.

Kids Bedroom Redesign
New York, USA

Our client needed to redesign her kid's bedroom.
She provided photos of materials selections, furniture items and lighting fixtures she was interested in purchasing and we rendered them into the design.

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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